The Ranch Coastal Story

I was born into a hunting and fishing family. From the time I was born my family was either in the Salt Water, Fresh Water or Hunting .  My childhood was spent on the gravel bars and river bottoms  of the Colorado River and in the sands and surf of Mustang and Padre Island.  Dad starting taking my Brother and me off shore before we could see over the side of the boat.

I love the Ranching, Hunting , Saltwater Fishing and Rodeo Industries.   I have folded all of the things I enjoy into a clothing and accessory business.  This is a lifestyle company and there are going to be times where I am “gone fishing”, “gone hunting”,  or I am hauling my son to a rodeo and I will be back soon.

Most of my Ranch Coastal Designs are going to contain elements of things I have experienced along the way.  The main elements of my first two designs came from two of my friends that ranch  which makes them more special to me.  The Buck in my Jolly Roger Buck designs is from the Harris Ranch-Turkey Creek Outdoors  on the Nueces River where range stewardship and wildlife management are taken to the extreme.  The Bull in my Jolly Roger Bull Designs is “Buster”.   He was a Hereford Bull owned by the Babb Family who ranch  in Brewster County out in Far West Texas.  Cactus Outfitters Camo was created by a friend of mine right here in the Concho Valley. I am very proud to offer his shirts with my designs on them.  I LOVE this camo pattern!

I am open to ideas for products so if there is a different color you would like to see or different style just send me a message and I will sure consider it.  This is my starting point as I have a book full of sketches that I have been working on for years.

All of the shirts and caps I am offering through Ranch Coastal are for men and women and the sizes are running true for both.

If you’re gonna ask the pretty girl who hunts and fishes to go with you , make sure you have the right shirt. I will be glad to help you with that!

For the Ranch Wives and Ranch Girlfriends, when you finally get your hard working man to leave the ranch and go coastal with you, I have a shirt for that!  You might not get him to leave his boots at the house and that’s OK!  You can put him in a shirt that blends in with the locals when you go on vacation  to a tropical /coastal destination! These shirts looks great with boots!

You may as well put on something comfortable and get points for style as you go about getting your limits!  I have always seen the pirate flag as a fun loving symbol.  Hopefully these  western style versions of the Jolly Roger will spread the fun to people who love to hunt, fish, ranch, rodeo and beyond!

It’s time to launch as I have been taking baby steps for years working my way to this website.  2008 was the year the name for my parent company came to me and I had already been thinking about the details of my business before that.  The Trademark for Ranch Coastal is pending in the U.S. Patent  and Trademark Office.  There have been many fishing apparel companies come online during the time that I have been building mine. I hope you will consider folding some of my designs into your collection!

I can’t wait to see you in Ranch Coastal Apparel!

Thank you for checking out my Ranch Coastal Website!

Melony Chandler

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