Texas Women Angler’s Tournament/CCBGFC #9

We had a great time at the Texas Women Angler’s Tournament!

Good luck!

A kiss for Good Luck at the Showdown in San Angelo.

Boat Racing

My Brother and his need for speed. Sporting Ranch Coastal Gear.

Jack on Amistad

My friend Jack Allen on Lake Amistad looking sharp in Ranch Coastal Gear.

TJHRA State Finals

TJHRA State Finals 2017-Gonzales, Texas

Captain Jon Gatlin

Captain Jon Gatlin in Ranch Coastal Gear fixn to put my redfish in the box during the Babes on the Bay Tournament.

Ryan Fishin

My good friend Ryan sporting the Ranch Coastal Brand while catching rainbow trout in Colorado.

Chute Dogging

Many of our adventures over the last 6 months have been rodeo related. My son took up Chute Dogging in the Texas Junior High Rodeo Association.